Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Strung Along

I've been keeping better track of what I've finished this year. I think I have the wonder of technology to thank for that. No more digging around for camera cords or memory cards. It's just a quick add of photos from my smart phone and *voila!* instant photo! Uploaded to social media!

That doesn't solve all my problems, however. I must still figure out why I am only able to access 20 of the 1500+ photos on my phone or why it takes so long to download 3 photos.

Anyway, that's not why I'm writing today.

A dear friend of mine had a lot of soul-searching left to do so she cancelled her wedding that was scheduled for later this summer. I already purchased a plane ticket, and without the impetus of a pending wedding to provide sufficient resolve to abandon work and family obligations while I hop in a plane to Alaska during prime fishing season just for funsies, I was left looking for alternatives.

Call it cosmic intervention or coincidence, but I happened upon the Yarn Harlot's recent blog post about the Strung Along knitters' retreat. A retreat? For knitting? It's in June. In Washington state. I've never been to the Pacific Northwest in the summer time, but hey! There's a first time for everything.

I wrote to Stephanie and she said there's still room. I've roped my dear mother into going. I don't know if she is excited to come with me to a knitting retreat or moreso just excited to travel, but she has consented to going. She knows how much I admire Stephanie and how much I love knitting. So I think she'll be happy to experience this with me.

I haven't made any arrangements yet, but the idea that this is going to happen is really exciting!  I am so stoked!

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