Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Can't Remember

I remember years ago that I was really into knitting, crocheting, knit blog reading, blogging, and all kinds of crafty things. 

I realized today that I forgot a lot of it because I haven't done much, if any of those, in the last four years since my son was born. 

I barely remember how to make socks. I don't remember more than three of my favorite knitting blogs - though I am grateful that those bloggers are still there and posing steadily. 

I don't remember my favorite online yarn store...not that I need one as I still have a stash in my house and my parents' house. 

My daughter will be born any day now. I haven't made her anything. I didn't even make my son anything. We are moving into a new house soon and I realize how much I would love to have handmade things to fill it with and make it "HOME." 

I need to remember these things. I need to be able to do them again. I need them because memories of my grandmothers are tied to them, and to my mom, and to a lot of other things I held dear that I can only remember if I knit and crochet again. And people will remember me because I made them something. 

Those were important things. They ARE important things. I just have to remember.