Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Strung Along

I've been keeping better track of what I've finished this year. I think I have the wonder of technology to thank for that. No more digging around for camera cords or memory cards. It's just a quick add of photos from my smart phone and *voila!* instant photo! Uploaded to social media!

That doesn't solve all my problems, however. I must still figure out why I am only able to access 20 of the 1500+ photos on my phone or why it takes so long to download 3 photos.

Anyway, that's not why I'm writing today.

A dear friend of mine had a lot of soul-searching left to do so she cancelled her wedding that was scheduled for later this summer. I already purchased a plane ticket, and without the impetus of a pending wedding to provide sufficient resolve to abandon work and family obligations while I hop in a plane to Alaska during prime fishing season just for funsies, I was left looking for alternatives.

Call it cosmic intervention or coincidence, but I happened upon the Yarn Harlot's recent blog post about the Strung Along knitters' retreat. A retreat? For knitting? It's in June. In Washington state. I've never been to the Pacific Northwest in the summer time, but hey! There's a first time for everything.

I wrote to Stephanie and she said there's still room. I've roped my dear mother into going. I don't know if she is excited to come with me to a knitting retreat or moreso just excited to travel, but she has consented to going. She knows how much I admire Stephanie and how much I love knitting. So I think she'll be happy to experience this with me.

I haven't made any arrangements yet, but the idea that this is going to happen is really exciting!  I am so stoked!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Blowing Off Some Dust

Hah! Here it is! I found it. I knew I had a blog around here somewhere....!

I've been going back and forth about whether I want to start blogging again. It's kind of hard to be decisive when there are other platforms that could serve the purpose of sharing my thoughts with the universe whether you all care or not, and each one has its own merits. I think the appeal of this method is that I can fit more thought into a post than Facebook or Instagram or whatever other media there may be. It's a little more invested than "liking" or double tapping photos or commenting.

I liked having a knitting blog and reading knitting blogs. There was a sense of community that feels more tangible than any other online interaction.

I think I really need to invest in blogging again. It isn't the most convenient, but it was the most satisfying.

I am pretty sure this is going to morph back into a knitting blog, but I'll be sure to sprinkle some non-knitting related stuff in here.

Not today, though.

To date, I've gotten back into making. I've been good starting this year with a steady pace of finished objects and knitting from stash yarn. However, I fell completely off that wagon as of this month. With renewed interest in knitting, I started a separate IG account for the knitting and exposed myself to the latest generation of what's trending in the online knitting world. I got a bonus at work and have been under a lot of stress, which create the perfect conditions for retail therapy. I've ordered no less than ten skeins of sock yarn, two sets of Signature Needle Arts needles, and an Akerworks spindle. I've also started four different projects this month and finished three. I'm averaging four projects finished per month. At this rate, I may see a dent in my stash by the time my kids graduate from high school assuming I don't buy any more yarn. Fat chance of that happening, though.

Ahhhh...blogging about's gonna be like riding a bike. And just as much fun as a T-Rex can have knitting a sweater.