Tuesday, September 13, 2011

P & S

I work with a romantic.

Since I've switched professions within my company in December of last year, I've had the opportunity to work with a lot of different personalities at a far more accelerated rate over a given time interval than ever before.

My favorite to date, though, has to be my current associate.  He is a very capable man with years of experience in the industry and a very amicable personality.  What I like most about him, though, has nothing to do with work.  This man LOVES his wife.  His love story with her is so endearing and enchanting that I cannot help but look forward to his recollection of stories about the two of them.  If it was a book, it would read like a romance novel, but without all the steamy scenes.

They met in high school.  He was a senior in high school.  She was two years younger and of a strict military upbringing.  Her father disapproved of the relationship and moved away to wherever the military took them.  They wrote to each other, but their letters were always intercepted by disapproving parents.  Years became decades.  They moved on with their lives and had families of their own. 

His wife died.  Her husband "came out of the closet."  Through serendipity and fate, they managed to find each other again after over thirty years.  They are together now.  Since reuniting, their love continued almost as if nothing else had occurred to disrupt that harmony.  The decades between them seemed almost to enrich the enjoyment they have of each other now.

And now, all they have is each other.  They're newlyweds with the growing pains already over and done with.

I like that. 

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