Saturday, September 10, 2011

On Fighting the Universe

I am here at work on a Saturday. 

I've been trying to figure out why it's so important that I'm here, hacking away at paperwork, when I could be at home sleeping and otherwise not causing my family stress because I am fighting the Universe. 

The Universe disabled my truck last Saturday.  It did not want to start.  I had to call my dear boyfriend to come pick me up from the shopping center I was at and take me to work at 6:30 AM so that I could be on time for work at  7.  He was not amused.

This morning, I accidentally locked my keys in my truck.  Again, I had to disturb the boyfriend from his sleep at 6:30 AM to tell him that I locked my keys in my truck and am therefore locked out of the house and can he please DO SOMETHING.  To preface the urgency of this, we had an incident where I came home and someone had attempted to steal our shade umbrella from the yard.  For whatever reason, they did not succeed and left the umbrella hanging over the side of the fence.
I was reluctant to leave my truck unattended for fear that someone would break in and steal my wallet, my computer, and even my truck in the time it would take me to cross the street to go to the house. 

I merely succeeded in irritating the crap out of the boyfriend, and paying in time and money - 45 minutes and $154 to be exact - for a locksmith to come open my truck. 

As an aside, I am also very irritated at being charged $154 for a man to come unlock my door.  The cost for the amount of effort is very unsettling.  I think he charged me more for getting him up on a Saturday morning before 7 AM than the actual cost of effort.  I mean, seriously, if I had the means, I could have done what he did to open my door myself.  I've considered a side job as a locksmith for that very reason.  The time I waited for him to arrive from the moment I called took about 43 minutes, and the actual amount of time it took him to do the job was 2 minutes.  How do I know this?  I timed it.  UGH.

Anyway, I have to be back home by 10 AM so the boyfriend can get ready to go to work (he has to work on a Saturday, also).  And what am I doing?  Writing a blog rather than actually working.

Apparently, the Universe is winning.

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